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Host Your Own Show


  1. Read Terms and Conditions

  2. Choose Radio, Podcast, or TV Time Slot

  3. Set up monthly payment by Subscription thru Paypal

  4. Send logo of your Show & Time Slot to

  5. Create music and or content for your show

Terms and Conditions:

Time slots for Radio, TV, and Podcast shows are available on a first come first serve basis. By paying for a time slot from the available time slot listing you agree to the following terms and conditions:

Radio and Podcast:


As a Radio or Podcast Host (from here now referred to as a Host) you agree to a 6 month term of broadcasting your show on the GMT Broadcasting Platform. After the 6 Month term your automatic payment thru PayPal subscription will renew your next 6 month term of broadcasting on the GMT Broadcasting Platform and will continue in this format until your show is cancelled by teh Host or GMT Broadcasting Network. 


As a Radio or Podcast Host you agree to pay $200 per month for a 1 hour Radio or Podcast Show with Subscription.

If you choose not to subscribe the price is $250 per month and will be paid by invoice. If you do not make your payment on time and we do not hear from you, your spot becomes available.


Both include Facebook Live or Youtube Live. 

1 Hour Podcast TV Show Episode

TV Podcast Show Recordings are $250 per episode.


$250 Per Episode 

  • 2 Hour Set Time Includes:

  • 2 Chair Setup

  • 30 Min setup of set (Set, Cameras, Lighting, Mics)

  • 30 Min breakdown of set (Set, Cameras, Lighting, Mics)

  • 1 hour filming  

  • Basic editing (Lower Thirds, and Transitions)


Turn Around Time

All Episodes require one week turn around. Contact 832-372-6874.


Monthly show paid by subscription. By paying subscription you agree to 6 months of recording (1 recording per week).


If your payment is unsubcsribe from autopay and payment is late you must $250 for the month. That includes your late fee. We will resubscribe you the following month for the regular payment of $200

Studio Rental:

Basic Podacst Studio Setup can be rented by the hour if there are times available.

$75 per hour

$150 2 Hours


All Host Own 100% of the content and allows their content to be aired on all GMT Broadcasting Platforms.


GMT Broadcasting Network requires a 30 day notice of show cancellation before any 6 month broadcasting term ends. Notice should be sent by email to for the cancellation of Broadcaster's  Radio, Radio Podcast or Podcast TV Show. If the Host fails to email the 30 Day Cancellation notice, GMT Broadcasting Network will charge the Host a $150 non-cancellation fee due immediately.  

Technical Issues:

If there is a technical issue 20 minutes or more during The Host  radio or podcast Show due to GMT Broadcasting equipment or streaming platforms a make up day will be the following Saturday during the the original show time. If Host does not take the following Saturday to make up day then he or she will loose the make up day and time.

The above Terms and Conditions are set and will start immediately when Host makes payment.

By making payment below you the Host agree to the above Terms and Conditions.


GMT Broadcasting Company is not responsible for promoting your show. We provide Broadcasting Platform only. We are not responsible for bringing ads to your show. All revenue brought in by host for advertising on their show is 100% theirs. 


 $200 Radio or Podcast Show Per Month

$250 TV Show Recording Per Episode

Open Time Slots

Morning & Afternoon Hours

  • ​​​Tues 12:30pm-1:30pm

  • Tues 6pm-7pm

  • Wed 6am-7am

  • Wed 12pm-1pm

  • Thurs 7:30am-8:30am

  • Thurs 9am-10am

  • Thurs 12:30pm-1:30pm

Evening Hours:

  • Mon 9:30pm-10:30pm 

  • Tues 6pm-7pm

  • Tues: 9pm-10pm

  • Wed 8pm-9pm

  • Thurs 9pm-10pm

  • Fri: 6pm-7pm

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