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  5. Create music and or content for your show

Terms and Conditions:

Time slots for Radio and Podcast shows are available on a first come first serve basis. By paying for a time slot from the available time slot listing you agree to the following terms and conditions:


As a Radio or Podcast Host (from here now referred to as a Broadcaster) you agree to a 3 month (90 days) term of broadcasting your show on the GMT Broadcasting Platform. After the 3 Month term your automatic payment thru PayPal subscription will renew your next 3 month term of broadcasting on the GMT Broadcasting Platform and will continue in this format until your show is cancelled by Broacaster or GMT Broadcasting Network.


As a Broadcaster you agree to pay $150 per month for a 1 hour Radio Show during each 3 month term.

As a Broadcaster for a 1 Hour Podcast Show you agree to pay $150 per month for Podcast Show during each 3 month term. Podcast shows include basic filming that is available to Broadcaster once show ends on that day.


  • You must setup payment on a valid card for automatic monthly payments thru PayPal Subscription.

  • You Agree to 90 days of broadcasting your show with 1st Payment. 

  • You must make it to all shows. There are no makeup days.

  • Show will start the week after 1st payment.

Late Fees:

All payments are automatic and are due on time thru PayPal subscription. In the event a automatic payment does not go thru or is declined you will have a 5 day grace period. PayPal will send Broadcaster and GMT Broadcasting Network an email letting both parties know when the next attempt for payment will draft automatically.

If PayPal attempts 2nd automatic payment after the 5 day grace period and the payment does not go thru or is declined the Broadcaster will be charged a $25 Late Fee that must be paid thru Cash App Request or PayPal.

If PayPal attempts 3rd automatic payment after the 5 day grace period and the payment does not go thru or is declined the Broadcaster will be charged another $25 Late Fee that must be paid thru Cash App Request or PayPal.

If Payment is declined on the 3rd attempt PayPal will automatically cancel Broadcaster subscription payment. This will also cancel show for non-payment. A $150 non-cancellation will be charged to Broadcaster due immediately.


GMT Broadcasting Network requires a 30 day notice of show cancellation before any 3 month broadcasting term ends. Notice should be sent by email to for the cancellation of Broadcaster's  Radio or Podcast Show. If the Broadcaster fails to email the 30 Day Cancellation notice, GMT Broadcasting Network will charge Broadcaster a $150 non-cancellation fee due immediately.  

Trial Period (Optional)

Not Sure About Broadcasting??? As a potential Broadcaster you have an option to do a 1 month trail period before you commit to the terms and condition above. The price is $150 for the month. You get a chance to get on hand experience for one month. This will let you know if you are up for the challenge of being a radio or podcast host. During your trial period you will be responsible for your own content. During the last week broadcasting the Broadcaster will choose either the 3 month commitment or to discontinue show. If Broadcaster continue his or her show after the trail period the payment will be made below. Payment from Broadcaster means he or she has read and agrees to the above terms and conditions.

Free Website Ad Space:

Broadcaster will receive 1 free ad space at the bottom of the GMT Radio website each month. This ad space can be sold for advertising by Broadcaster. This will allow Broadcaster to bring in revenue for his or her show. The Broadcaster can sell ad space for the month for the price he or she chooses. All revenue made from this 1 free ad space by Broadcaster is 100% the Broadcaster's.

Technical Issues:

If there is a technical issue 20 minutes or more during Broadcaster's  radio or podcast Show due to GMT Broadcasting equipment or streaming platforms a make up day will be the following Saturday during the the original show time. If Broadcaster does not take the following Saturday to make up day then he or she will loose the make up day and time.

The above Terms and Conditions are set and will start immediately when Broadcaster makes payment.



By making payment below you the Broadcaster agree to the above Terms and Conditions.


GMT Broadcasting Company is not responsible for promoting your show. We provide Broadcasting Platform only. We are not responsible for bringing ads to your show. All revenue brought in by host for advertising on their show is 100% theirs. 

Open Time Slots

Open Time Slots:

1 Hour Afternoon Radio, Podcast, or TV Show:​​

  • Wed 5pm-6pm

  • Wed 6:30pm-7:30pm

  • Wed 8pm-9pm

  • Wed 9:30pm-10:30pm

  • Fri 5pm-6pm

  • Fri 6:30pm-7:30pm

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